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Good Teacher And Technology

Người dùng Edu2Review
Người dùng Edu2Review
Học viên

Ưu điểm

- Responsible.
- Do care about the student's feeling.
- A lot of entertainment service.

Điểm cần cải thiện

- Cheaper price, please! I could afford to pay 15 million VND per course.
- Make a bigger room with a better projector, or if they can, a TV, it will worth our money.
- The book and teaching project should have some improvement, maybe you should add more well-known texts and debate topics.

Trải nghiệm và lời khuyên

- Try to use all discount that you have received, or try to invite more people to learn here to receive more discount.
- Good teacher and technology, good services and lots of discount.
- Better pay for a lot of course at the same time because the price will increase rapidly.

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