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Good Teacher And Useful Lessons

Người dùng Edu2Review
Người dùng Edu2Review
Học viên

Ưu điểm

- The teachers here are so good!
- The lessons here are spectacular and useful, too.
- Compare to ILA, the lessons in YOLA are more helpful because ILA's lessons are really easy, that not gonna help you, not gonna lie...

Điểm cần cải thiện

- Less homework please, I don't have enough time to do it.
- The grammar books that YOLA use have pretty much haters. Really, my teachet hate it, too. Maybe use another way to teach grammar so it could be more fun.
- The exams need to be shorter, there's once time I didn't have enough time to do it.

Trải nghiệm và lời khuyên

- Just relax, it's not that stressful in here. Besides, it's really fun!
- You maybe want to learn some English before studying at YOLA so it can be more easy for you here.

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