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The Centre Has Helpful, Supportive Teachers And Assistants

Người dùng Edu2Review
Người dùng Edu2Review
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Ưu điểm

The centre has helpful teachers and assistants. They are supportive and when I got a problem, they were the first to try to solve the problem.
Good supplies and facilities. The decoration is pretty and creative.
There are friendly friends and people, which absolutely makes classes and lessons become more interesting.

Điểm cần cải thiện

Exams should be far from the exams in official school to make thing more easier.
There should be more teachers because it would decrease tireness of teachers so that there will be improvement in class and lessons.
Need a little bit more organized but overall, pretty brilliant.
Prices should be a little bit more cheaper.

Trải nghiệm và lời khuyên

After a few months, my English has improve drastically, I became more productive and enthusiastic.
My advide for fresh new student is just be hard-working and be adoptable to distinctive class and people. Result will be your shockingly improving English.

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