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  1. Nguyễn Ngọc Đan Thanh đã đánh giá Trung Tâm Mc IELTS verified by Edu2Review

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    Great place to improve your skills

    Ưu điểm:
    1/ Learning with friendly and profound experts in English education. 2/ Fast, useful, and practical errors correction 3/ Chances to improve academic vocabulary

    Khuyết điểm:
    1/ Noisy surrounding areas (shared center, that's why there are lots of noises from in-house constructions) 2/ Entrance level of students is not qualified, which means a lot of students acquiring a lower academic level can join the Advanced class 3/ Late confirmation of payment

    Trải nghiệm:
    Don't hesitate, just register for a class with Mr Mark and you would never feel regretful. Starting with only 5.5 for writing skill, I've just received my score report and finally I've got a 7.0, and...

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