Nguyễn Ngọc Đan Thanh đã viết đánh giá Trung Tâm Mc IELTS (

Khuyến khích Xác nhận là học viên

Great place to improve your skills

Ưu điểm":
1/ Learning with friendly and profound experts in English education. 2/ Fast, useful, and practical errors correction 3/ Chances to improve academic vocabulary

Khuyết điểm:
1/ Noisy surrounding areas (shared center, that's why there are lots of noises from in-house constructions) 2/ Entrance level of students is not qualified, which means a lot of students acquiring a lower academic level can join the Advanced class 3/ Late confirmation of payment

Trải nghiệm:
Don't hesitate, just register for a class with Mr Mark and you would never feel regretful. Starting with only 5.5 for writing skill, I've just received my score report and finally I've got a 7.0, and an Overall of 8.0. Don't wait for homework, find your own and write them down and just give them to Mr Mark, he'll give his opinions towards your essays so that you can improve your skill. Best of luck