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The Best English Center For Mastering Ielts

Người dùng Edu2Review
Người dùng Edu2Review

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High quality teacher, supportive staff, and friendly studying environment

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paper and ink's quality

Trải nghiệm và lời khuyên

I’ve finished my Intermediate class with teacher Carter 2 weeks ago and just received my final course tests’ result, I’ve got 6.5 for all 4 skills. I’m planning to attend a coming Advance class, at the end of this December.

At first, I had hesitated a lot because I hadn’t known which center I should go to, most of them received good reviews. Moreover, even though I’d been watching lots of movies in English before, I was still not confident at my listening and speaking, I couldn’t understand all of what other people, especially the native ones, talked about. So, I was afraid I wouldn’t understand the lessons too. However, after spending hours thinking and searching for a trustworthy center, I decided on having a free entrance test, with teacher Gary. Then, I chose McIELTS because of its most reliable reviews – I think so, a reasonable fee (with lots of promotions) for students, like me, and the way Gary showed me my mistakes in the entrance writing test and explained thoroughly, he was so nice and enthusiastic, to be honest.

Regarding my Intermediate class, there were only around 15 students so we could easily interact with each other. Above that, my teacher Carter is the kindest man that I’ve ever known. He takes care of us, the students, really well, points out what we should do to learn new words and improve our ability to use grammatical structures, boosts our energy, and never puts us under pressure to do homework. He is a magician, he can make us do writing tasks without forcing us (or it’s just me). He’s energetic too! Haha, he’s so… cute, I must say that! That’s the reason why I’ve never found bored when joining his class. The way he transfers the lessons is clear, and he’s always willing to answer our questions… even the silliest ones in class or via email haha. Ah, and although my name is quite hard to pronounce, he did it well haha… I think I’ll miss him a lot. I do hope that he will be always in the spirit that he has.

Now, reflecting on myself, I’m better at my speaking and writing skills, I’ve become more confident to talk with others. Studying in this center also encourages me to practice my listening and reading more often, staff members have shown me a wide range of informative sources for these skills.

What should I say more? You guys should consider this center!

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