[HCM] Trung Tâm Anh Ngữ Việt Mỹ VATC Tuyển Dụng Trợ Giảng Tháng 4/2017 | Edu2Review
[HCM] Trung Tâm Anh Ngữ Việt Mỹ VATC Tuyển Dụng Trợ Giảng Tháng 4/2017

[HCM] Trung Tâm Anh Ngữ Việt Mỹ VATC Tuyển Dụng Trợ Giảng Tháng 4/2017

Cập nhật lúc 06/02/2020 14:09
Được thành lập năm 1999, Anh ngữ Việt Mỹ VATC là thương hiệu đầu tiên của Tổ chức Giáo dục Hoa Kỳ IAE. Là một trong những đơn vị tiên phong về đào tạo tiếng Anh và nhanh chóng vươn lên vị trí dẫn đầu.

We are looking for Teaching Assistants who are passionate about education and have a flair for working with young people across all age groups in Primary education. Ideally, candidates should be recent university graduates of core subjects who would be interested to gain initial classroom experience as a Primary Teaching Assistant, or those looking to start a career path in Teaching.

1. Working relationship

- Teaching Assistant hours in class
- Taking classes as requested
- Having substitution as requested

2. Classroom Management

- Support teachers in class/during the course
- Assist students in class/during the course
- Control and take care of students in class
- Assign and mark homework

3. Benefits

- Competitive salary
- Join a dynamic and professional working environment
- Communicate with experienced native English teachers
- Be trained and learn from the experienced teachers that they work with

4. Qualification

- University students from the 2nd year above are acceptable

5. Skills

- Excellent in English (compulsory)
- Teaching
- Handling requests and complaints
- Communication
- Computer (Microsoft Office)

6. Other requirements

- Working by shifts

7. How to apply

Interested applicants can hand in their applications at the address below or send their applications via emails. Required documents should be in English and include the followings:

An updated CV / resume
A cover letter
A copy of ID card
Copies of any related certificates
A recent passport sized photo

To: Mr Khang Tran - Academic Associate
[email protected]
103 Nguyen Van Cu, district 5, HCMC

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