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[Edu2Review] Full-stack Developer PHP/Laravel 2018

[Edu2Review] Full-stack Developer PHP/Laravel 2018

Cập nhật lúc 06/02/2020 14:10
Founded in mid-2015 by Ho Hoan (Vietnam) and Austin Carter (Canada), Edu2Review aims to connect millions of learners with education centers.

About Edu2Review

Founded in mid-2015 by Ho Hoan (Vietnam) and Austin Carter (Canada), Edu2Review aims to connect millions of learners with education centers. The startup aims to provide students with a reliable source of assessment information and incentives when booking online courses.

The three-year-old online education platform has more than 3,500 units of training in the database and 30,000 evaluations from students to date. Last year, the platform served nearly 4.2 million users and handled more than 25,000 course bookings throughout the system.

Edu2Review team brings together talents from North America, Europe and Asia to help millions of people to make better education decisions. Edu2Review is a high traffic website with more than 750,000 Monthly Active Users.

We are looking for talents around the world coming and working with us!

Job Summary

This position will work directly with the Software Team Lead (Swedish, Engineer) and Product manager (Canadian) to build high performance, scalable systems

  • Design and build high performance, scalable and testable components for the platform

  • Work with Front-end developers and UI/UX to improve product functionality

  • Create clean, efficient, well-documented code

  • Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues

  • Participate in code reviews


  • Strong understanding of back-end workflow

  • Work autonomously and be comfortable building projects from start to finish

  • Intermediate/Advanced level of spoken of English

  • Familiarity with entire web stack, web protocols, and performance optimization

  • Git

Skills and competencies

  • 3+ years experience in PHP/MySQL

  • 1+ years experience JavaScript / Typescript

  • Experience with ES6/ES2015 or ES7/ES2016

  • Experience with at least one CSS preprocessor: Sass, Less etc.

• No late night working or high-pressure deadlines
• New feature development offers continuous learning opportunities
• International working environment – working in English
• High impact work – millions of users in the education industry
• Annual performance bonus – (up to 6 months)

Contact info: Deadline: 30/08/2018
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0981908100
Website: Edu2Review.com


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