Class Time Is Fun And Enjoyable - Đánh giá về Trung tâm Anh ngữ YOLA | Edu2Review
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Class Time Is Fun And Enjoyable

Người dùng Edu2Review
Người dùng Edu2Review
Học viên

Ưu điểm

- I've learnt many new words, ways to comunicate with foreigners, useful skills... that I can't find at school.
- Teachers are super awesome! Nice, funny (and sometimes hard), they make me always feel comfortable when we're in class.
- It focused on teaching us skills, including listening, speaking... that helped me a lot.

Điểm cần cải thiện

The grammar book we learnt had many confusing example sentences or excercises so that it was hard to understand the lesson. My teacher always had to make other examples for us.

Trải nghiệm và lời khuyên

- Class time is fun and enjoyable (except grammar days). My most favorite things are all the games and activities.
- My advice to those who are new is: if you want to search for a place to play with English, come to YOLA!

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